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Our Building Process

Building your dream home with David Reid Homes Inner Melbourne is an exciting journey that involves meticulous planning, expert guidance, and attention to detail at every step. Here’s a comprehensive overview of our streamlined process, ensuring a smooth transition from envisioning your dream to living in it.

1. Ideate and Innovate

Your journey to a David Reid Homes Inner Melbourne masterpiece begins with exploring our website, where you can immerse yourself in our house designs and floorplans. Imagine the endless possibilities and let your inspiration flow. 

2. Initial Design and Process Meeting

At David Reid Homes Inner Melbourne, we believe in turning your dreams into architectural reality. This is where our journey together truly begins. Our experienced consultants will sit down with you to discuss everything from the size and layout of your property to your preferred floor plans, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and your dream kitchen. But we will also delve into how your family likes to live, your style preferences, and how we can make your dream home a reality within your budget.

3. Concept and Design of Your New Home

With your ideas and needs in hand, we dive headfirst into solidifying a concept and design for your new home. Our design and briefing meetings are where the magic happens. Collaborating closely with your new home consultant, your vision takes shape, and your dream home comes to life on paper. 

4. Decision to Accept, Estimate and Plan Preparation

Once your home’s style is finalised, our experienced consultants will prepare a cost estimate to ensure it aligns perfectly with your expectations and budget. Once you’ve given the go-ahead, our team works tirelessly to prepare your working drawings. These are then presented and fine-tuned to your complete satisfaction. Your vision begins to become a tangible reality.

5. Colour Selection/Finishes

As your home begins to take shape, its time to decide on the colours, materials and finished throughout the house. This is where your unique personality and style really shines through, allowing you to make this space your dream home. Our team will guide you through the process of making these selections and showcasing your various options and suppliers.

6. Contract Documents and Council Building Approval

From here, we take care of the nitty-gritty details so you can focus on the excitement of your upcoming dream home. A comprehensive contract is prepared and presented for your approval, including the building contract, working drawings, specifications, and inclusions. These documents are meticulously prepared for council submissions and approvals. You can trust us to navigate the regulatory landscape seamlessly.

7. Construction and Project Management

Now, the real magic begins as we break ground on your new home. Construction commences soon after we receive consented plans from the council. We set a build start date and provide you with an indicative timeline so you can track the progress of your dream home. Progress payments are structured according to the contract terms, and we hold regular site meetings to keep you in the loop. Progress photos are documented, giving you a front-row seat to your home’s transformation.

8. Quality Control

At David Reid Homes Inner Melbourne, excellence is non-negotiable. Upon completing construction, we conduct a thorough final inspection and rigorous quality control checks. Our commitment to perfection ensures that every aspect of your new home meets the highest standards, leaving no room for compromise.

9. Handover-Completion

The moment you’ve eagerly awaited has arrived. We take care of the final details, including cleaning your home and coordinating the last Council inspection. You’ll have the opportunity to inspect your new home with our Construction Manager. Once it meets your approval, a David Reid Homes representative will present you with the keys accompanied by an information pack about the house and product warranties. 

10. Moving In

Finally, you can move in and bask in the joy of living in your brand-new David Reid Home. But our commitment doesn’t end here. We’re always available to help explain the maintenance periods and conditions of your guarantee, ensuring your peace of mind. As part of our dedication to continuous improvement, we’ll ask you to complete a client satisfaction survey so we can ensure your experience with us was as smooth as possible. 

David Reid Homes

David Reid Homes is a national building company specialising in unique designs and quality craftsmanship for luxury custom homes.